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Get more clients, more confidence & more consistent income with affordable courses and support

Helping you build a profitable business

Achieve £3k months & beyond, and the freedom to work the hours you choose.

Helping you build a profitable business

Achieve £3k months & beyond, and the freedom to work the hours you choose.

More clients

More consistent income

More confidence

"Last week I was fully booked for the first time, this week and next week the same. It's just amazing!" - Katie K

Are you finding things a bit tough right now?

You’re definitely not alone.  I speak to clients every week who are feeling the same.

You’re exhausted trying do everything and aren’t getting as many clients or bookings as you hoped you would.

You’re struggling to know what to focus on first and you’re done with feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Let’s fix it, so you can fall back in love with your business.

Take a moment & press the reset button.

You started your business for a reason and are destined to help so many people with your talent & passion for the treatments you provide.

But you can’t do that when you’re feeling frustrated, stuck and spinning your wheels trying to find the answer.

Let’s get your confidence, focus and motivation back.


Don't stay stuck - get some support and start seeing results!

Ways I can help you

All my courses come with lifetime access, so there are no deadlines to meet – you can go at your own pace.

You’ll also get free access to my private community – The Wellness Success Hub – for support, feedback, guidance and connection, so you don’t have to ride this business rollercoaster alone!

Roadmap to More Clients

A step-by-step roadmap to set strong foundations in your business.  Covers new & existing client strategies to boost your bookings, working out your client & income targets and much, much more!


Instagram Boost

Transform your Instagram so that it attracts more clients and bookings into your business.  Includes setting up your profile the right way, creating your bio, graphics, captions and much more!


Pricing for Profit

Make sure you are making a profit in your business and paying yourself properly.  This course take you through the pricing process, includes an easy pricing calculator, how to tell your clients about an increase and more!


"Well worth investing in anything Jackie creates - I've done 3 of her courses now and can highly recommend" - Rachel H

Lovely to meet you, I'm Jackie...

With 30 years of small business experience and a successful career as a beauty therapist running my own home salon, I’m here to help women in the wellness and beauty industry thrive.

I’ve built a multi six-figure product business, designed websites for 27 years and created a subscription box business sending over 20,000 boxes.

woman smiling at camera

My mission is to share all my knowledge and experience with you to help you cut through the overwhelm, avoid common pitfalls and create a business you love.  One which gives you freedom, choice and the success you desire – whatever that means to you.

Let’s work together to take small actionable steps to create consistent income, whilst balancing your work and life in a way that feels right and comfortable for you.

Get the business and lifestyle you dream of and deserve!


My business has boosted massively since doing the ‘More Clients’ course – I have taken everything on board and been putting it all into place and my March was the busiest it’s ever been!  I have been planning my days the night before religiously and this along has made a massive difference to my life!

I am just about to complete the Instagram course and I’m looking forward to implementing this in my Instagram account.

I literally recommend Jackie to anyone I know in the industry – I’m always raving about her courses!


FAB COURSES – JOIN and don’t look back!

Of all the courses I’ve joined and investigated, hands down Jackie’s is the one I’m sticking with.

She has created an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive community alongside the continual provision of her own knowledge and resources in the form of her courses.  These are spot on in terms of delivery and information.  Jackie also recognises when members of her own community can bring something to the group and encourages them to do so.

Many courses don’t encourage this but Jackie is very much geared towards the success of her members.



Jackie popped into my Instagram feed earlier this year and I am delighted she did.

I’ve done 3 of her courses now and will be keeping my eyes peeled for any others.  The ‘More Clients’ course helped me focus and improve the structure behind my business.  ‘Instagram Boost’ helped me see my business through a client’s eyes, and the Photography Masterclass has helped me replan my budget for photography as I’ll be able to create my own photos and materials.


I’ve had an increase in enquiries & more appointments over the last 3 months

Finding Jackie has given me and my business such a boost.  A 1-1 call helped me refine and tweak my website to appeal more to my target audience.  The ‘More Client’s course has helped me be more intentional in my business with clear guides on goal setting, finances, client retention and mindset, and the Instagram courses have enabled me to create and post with ease and confidence.

I keep coming back for more as the layout, vibe & community of Jackie’s course offerings are just so encouraging.  10 out of 10!


Increase your bookings in just 5 days!

This free 5 day challenge will help you take real action to get some quick results and boost your bookings, instead of waking up every day feeling deflated and waiting for the phone to ring.