TAKE BETTER PHOTOS with your phone camera!

Do you wish you could take better photos for your business WITHOUT having lots of fancy equipment or spending a fortune?

If you struggle to take photos you are happy with - of yourself, your treatment room, your products or even action shots of your treatments, you're in the right place!


A value-packed one hour Masterclass specifically aimed at wellness and beauty business owners.

Learn how to take great photos of yourself, your treatments, your room/salon and your products!

Covering lighting, angles, phone camera settings and editing – all easy to implement tips and tricks to get better results so you can feel more confident and take better images!

Also includes a follow up session recording for more tips!

One time payment of £9 – lifetime access to the 2 recordings

⭐ Imagine feeling so confident in what you are posting, that you can show up with an energy and passion that draws the right people in.

⭐ To know what looks good (and what doesn’t!) and how to create an account that stands out and makes an impact.

⭐ To know exactly what type of content you need to create to attract the right clients into your business.

⭐ And how to use your Instagram to make long lasting connections and build relationships to turn followers into clients.

One time payment of £17 – lifetime access

I'm Jackie, it's lovely to meet you!

Small business advocate and business owner of 27 years.  Highlights of my varied business career have included:

⭐ designing websites for 27 years

⭐ building a product business from £0 to £250,000 annual turnover

⭐ running a home salon as a beauty & massage therapist in my 30’s and

⭐ creating a monthly box business sending over 20,000 boxes

I have over 11 years experience on social media, having had accounts from 3-35k followers across my different businesses.

These days, I am devoted to helping wellness & beauty bosses grow their businesses, sharing the knowledge, experience and skills I have learnt along the way.


This training is for both new and established business owners who want to get more confident on Instagram to grow their client base.

Whether you are new to Instagram or have been on it for some time, this is perfect for you!  

Once checkout is complete, you will receive an email with a link to access everything you need.   You can access the learning platform immediately and get started!

You will have lifetime access to the resources, including any additional elements or training added to the course at a later date.

This means you can watch and rewatch the training whenever you like!

There are no deadlines. – you can go through everything at your own pace.

The content comprises video training, templates, workbooks and formulas.

It is released in stages over a 2 week period so that you don’t feel under pressure or overwhelmed.

It is delivered through our course training platform.  I recommend working through the modules and lessons in order to get the best out of the course.

You can ask for help, feedback, guidance or support inside the community.

I have created this training specifically for wellness and beauty businesses.

A lot of generic information available about Instagram doesn’t take into account the personal nature of these type of businesses.

People need to feel connected to you, reassured and that they can trust you if they are to book a treatment  – so you need to create content in a specific way to make this happen.  

Everything I teach and offer inside the course is geared up to wellness and beauty businesses.

This is entirely up to you.  You might want to work through everything in a short space of time, or you might want to dip in and out and do a bit at a time over a longer period.

Either way is absolutely fine – you can use the resources in a way that suits your lifestyle.


One time payment of £17 – lifetime access