You know you should have a website, but..

You're find tech and website 'stuff' overwhelming.

You've thought about it, maybe even looked into it, but then pushed it to the back of your mind and decided social media was enough.

You're not getting enough enquiries through social media.

You're fed up putting so much time and energy into creating content, but no matter what you do, you're not reaching new people.

You're don't have a designer budget right now.

You already have enough expenses, and you're not making enough yet to be able to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds in one go.

What if you could get a website done for you without spending a small fortune?

So you can focus on looking after your clients and doing what you love.

A one-stop shop for potential clients, so you can...


People think websites need to be complicated and expensive - they don't!

You don't need:

a complicated, multi page website with all the bells and whistles

People won’t spend ages browsing and they won’t read everything – they just need to know (in just a few seconds!) if you’re the right person to help them.

You do need:

a simple, easy to navigate one page website with the right information

Which acts as your sales person, customer service person and shop window 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – making it easy for them to book!

Most people (93% in fact!) search on Google first if they are looking for a treatment or service. If you don't have a website that can be found on search engines, you might as well be invisible!

A website adds credibility to your business making you look professional and trustworthy - which is absolutely crucial for 'up close and personal' wellness and beauty services.

Introducing THE…

A single page website designed specifically for businesses like yours.

Designed to give potential clients the right information, in the right order, to make it easy to book with you.

Mobile friendly.  Client friendly. Budget friendly.

Cost: £495


Including massage therapists, holistic therapists, hairdressers. reflexologists, nail techs, beauty therapists, spiritual healers, aromatherapists, beauty salons, yoga teachers - to name just a few!

A beautiful single page website


Includes everything needed to be a one-stop shop for potential clients including:

⭐ About you

⭐ Services & treatments

⭐ Contact details

⭐ FAQs

⭐ Client reviews

My tried and tested website template will be adapted to suit your business and branding – to give you a unique and perfect online presence for your business.

Set up to work across all devices – mobile, desktop & tablet.

With all the essentials



⭐ Links to your social media

⭐ Basic SEO set up for search engines such as Google

⭐ A clear ‘call to action’

⭐ Why choose your business

⭐ Opening hours

⭐ Links to a third party booking system (optional)

Also includes access to our online Website Content Planner to guide you through all the information you need to provide with questions and prompts.

Just complete online and submit – and I’ll do the rest – easy peasy!

Some recent websites:

(Click images to view)


Domain & hosting

If you have already purchased a domain we can transfer it to your new website.

If you don’t yet have a domain name, you can get one included with your hosting (not included in the website price). I recommend Siteground which currently costs £2.99 a month (approx £45 for the year).

Aftercare costs

Once launched, your website will need maintaining and monitoring with regular back ups, plugin updates and security checks.

I offer an Aftercare service (£30 a month rolling contract, cancel anytime) or can provide a checklist and short video if you wish to take this on yourself.

I'm Jackie, it's lovely to meet you!

Small business advocate and business owner of 27 years.  Highlights of my varied business career have included:

⭐ designing websites for 27 years

⭐ building a product business from £0 to £250,000 annual turnover

⭐ running a home salon as a beauty & massage therapist

⭐ creating a monthly box business sending over 20,000 boxes

These days, I am devoted to helping wellness & beauty bosses grow their businesses, sharing the knowledge, experience and skills I have learnt along the way.


If you already have a domain, it can usually be transferred to your new site.

If you don’t have one yet, I will talk you through getting this organised along with the hosting for your website.  

Currently, the cost of a is included in the hosting package with my recommended hosting company.

Unfortunately this is not something I currently offer, but in many cases a fresh start, with a simplified, client friendly design can work wonders to get new client into your business.

I use WordPress for my own, and all my client websites.

It is the most popular website platform in the world, and offers the most reliable service.

You will get access to my Website content planner – which will guide and prompt you to include all the relevant information.

I then extract the important information and create the copy of your website.  (Most designers will outsource or charge extra for writing the copy, but I include it in the package)

The one page design used in this package is a proven, tried and tested design – created by me for wellness and beauty businesses.  

It gives just the right amount of the right information to make it easier for people to decide to book you and follows a specific marketing flow.

If you are looking for something different, I do offer a bespoke website service – prices start at £795 and will depend on what you are looking for.  Feel free to contact me for more details.

I will confirm availability and a date for your website build when you book.  Please bear in mind I am usually booked around 8 weeks ahead.  

Your website planner will need to be completed ahead of the booked date.  

On the day of your project, it usually takes me around 5-6 hours to build your website, after which time the draft will be sent for your review.

Your website will need ongoing maintenance, updates, back ups and checks.  


I offer an Aftercare service available on a rolling contract at £30 month which covers all maintenance, but doesn’t include any changes or edits.

If you prefer to look after the website yourself, you are welcome to do so and I will provide a short handover video to get you started.